Company History


Mr.Ahmad TAOWS is founded the company under the name TAOWS and started back in 1977 with the processing of hazelnut paste, to then move on to chocolate, wafer, biscuits and a lot of from foods production lines in which he specialises.
The evolutions happens to 1997, the year in which ENG.Subhi TAOWS joins his father in the business.
Then a new evolutions happens to 2007, the year in which the brothers ENG.Mohammad TAOWS , ENG.Hassan TAOWS and Dr.Mahmuod TAOWS join in the business .
From that moment, the combination of technology, knowledge of the raw material and the constant strive for efficiency and perfection, have allowed the company to become the undisputed leader on a national and international level for chocolate , wafer and biscuit prodution lines.


ENG.Mohammad TAOWS


Dr.Mahmoud TAOWS